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Our Unique Network

We're built for global connectivity and partnership

No other payments network works the way we do. We partner with organizations of all sizes globally to enable scale and continuous growth that drives business.

No other payments network works the way we do. We partner with organizations of all sizes globally to enable scale and continuous growth that drives business.

We are Discover® Global Network

Three powerful payments leaders are the foundation of our global reach and payments infrastructure.

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Discover Network is a comprehensive, large-scale payments network used by over 305 million global cardholders1 and accepted at millions of businesses and cash access locations.

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Diners Club International® introduced the first multipurpose charge card to the world in 1950. Now, it’s accepted in 200+ countries and territories, with issuers in 55 countries.

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PULSE® is one of the U.S.’s leading debit/ATM networks. PULSE provides cardholders with cash access at approximately 1.8M ATMs in 143 countries and territories.

1. Discover Global Network participation and RBR Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2027, September 2022.

Our global alliance partners

With 25+ global alliances with other networks, issuers and payments organizations, we collectively expand our reach and open acceptance to millions of global cardholders.

afs logo

AFS serves over 75 clients in more than 20 countries and has been delivering electronic payments outsourcing & fintech services in the MENA region for over 35 years.

areeba logo

Areeba, part of M1 Group, the leading operating firm in the region launched in 2017.  The areeba network includes Point-of-Sale (POS) and e-commerce platforms across Lebanon.

ath logo

EVERTEC owns and operates the ATH network, the leading debit payment and automated teller machine (“ATM”) network in Puerto Rico.

bcard logo

Bcard National Card Scheme of Borica AD has been in operation since 2016 and functions separately and independently from the card payment processor of Borica.

bccard logo

BC Card operates the largest domestic payment network in South Korea, allowing BC Card cardholders to utilize the Discover, Diners Club International and PULSE networks for international purchases and cash access outside of Korea.

cabal logo

Cabal is a processor and payment company with Argentine origin that has extended its activity to countries in the region, such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.

dinacard logo

DinaCard, as the largest acquiring network in Serbia, has more than 2.5 million members in the region.

dutch-bangla bank logo

Dutch-Bangla Bank is Bangladesh’s first joint venture bank and the first to be fully automated.

eazy financial services logo

Eazy Financial Services was established in 2016 and is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Their first product was the “Biometric Payment Network” inaugurated back in 2019.

elo logo

Elo was launched in 2011 by three of Brazil's largest banks (Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and CAIXA), and is the first 100% Brazilian payment brand.

interac logo

Interac is Canada’s leading payment services provider created in 1984 by the country’s major financial institutions.

jcb logo

JCB is Japan’s only international payment brand with acceptance at about 35 million merchants globally.

jonet logo

Network International Jordan owns JONET, the gateway connecting all the ATMs in Jordan, and provides card acceptance for merchants in Jordan.

mercury logo

Mercury is the Middle East’s first domestic payment scheme providing acceptance at a large number of ATMs and merchant outlets across the UAE.

napas logo

NAPAS connects more than 17,000 ATMs, 270,000 POS machines, and 300 electronic payment companies, serving over 100 million cardholders of 46 commercial banks throughout Vietnam.

nccc logo

NCCC, a non-profit domestic payment network in Taiwan, provides its members with centralized processing services such as international credit card brand licensing and sponsorship, a shared information system, and merchant network setup.

paynet logo

Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet) is the national payments network and shared central infrastructure for Malaysia’s financial markets.

prosa logo

Prosa, Mexico Payment Network processes more than 3.6 billion transactions annually at point of sale, ATMs, mobile devices and online, and is one of the largest payment processors in Latin America.

rupay logo

RuPay, supported by the Central Bank of India, is a national payment network with merchants and ATMs across India.

saudi payments logo

mada is the National Payments Network in Saudi that is fully owned by the Saudi Central Bank. mada connects all (ATMs), (POS) terminals, and ecommerce stores throughout Saudi Arabia to a central payment system that in turn re-routes financial transactions performed between card issuers and acquirers, with over 8 Billion transactions annually.

sibs logo

SIBS provides financial, modern, reliable and secure services to more than 300 million users, from three different continents, processing more than 4 billion transactions annually.

troy logo

Troy is the first and only Turkish domestic card scheme, with an aim to reduce cash usage with increased financial inclusion.

unionpay logo

UnionPay global acceptance network has expanded to 180 countries and regions, covering over 55 million merchants and about 2.9 million ATMs.

verve logo

Verve is Interswitch Group’s innovative card scheme, offering products and solutions that enable consumers to transact all over Nigeria and across international markets.

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Tap into the growth potential of our network effect

For nearly a decade, we’ve continuously increased volume and cards in force through global partnerships. And as each of our partners grow individually, we all grow exponentially.

This is our network effect, and it means greater scale and capabilities for you.

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